Our experience in project management as an Owner’s Representative dates back to 1999. We are up to even the biggest investment challenges.

Investment Project Management offered by PMJ PolandInvestment activities are subject to numerous operational risks, which can be recognized and mitigated only by specialists with practical and sufficient knowledge and experience in this field. Thus, we believe that there is no such occupation as a “universal project manager”. Ability to manage projects is essential, but not sufficient to succeed, if specific knowledge and experience in the industry are lacking.

Having several years of experience, our team specializes in construction investment projects management, in particular those linked to the construction of industrial buildings and shopping centres. Managing these investments introduces an additional aspect into the work of an Owner’s Representative, and that is management of shifts. This issue occurs especially when it comes to investment projects of some large-area commercial constructions and modern industrial construction. Such projects are created “just in time”, which in turn provides continuous optimization of the object in regards to the needs of future users. As part of the project management services, we fulfil these roles with primary focus on the investor’s needs – this includes taking over full responsibility for the course of investment as an Owner’s Representative, to more specific roles, such as Construction Site Inspector or FIDIC Contract Engineer.


 Owner's Representative from Poland

As an Owner’s Representative we secure the legal, financial and technical interests of the investor. Our tasks, in particular, include:

- organization of the construction process on behalf of the investor;
- participation in the proceedings to permit the construction and operation;
- tendering and negotiating contracts with contractors;
- supervision and coordination of the project and construction works;
- control of costs and quality and corrective actions;
- technical and official receptions.


Construction Site Inspector

Construction Site Inspector is an extension of the investor, and primarily controls the compatibility of the project with the applicable regulations, standards, building permits as well as the quality of construction work and materials.

Even if this was not obligatorily specified in the building permit, it is worthwhile to hire a supervisor, who on behalf of the investor, will ensure the quality of the construction work.


FIDIC Construction management

The Consulting Engineer is a representative of the ordering party, empowered to act and make economical-organisational as well as technical decisions, which are related to the contract accomplishment and are implemented in accordance with the FIDIC standards. Due to the broad range of tasks, the Engineer’s role is usually performed by a group of people.


Advisory services for investment project

In addition, we also offer business and investment consulting, including among others:

- examination of the legal status of the property;
- profitability analysis and techno-economic feasibility of investments;
- assessment of operational risk;
- costing, budgeting and scheduling.